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Waukegan Auto Auction Inc Rules
Buyers are completely responsible for their purchases.  The final Bid becomes an oral contract that becomes legally binding when the auctioneer says, “SOLD”. It is the buyer's responsibility to check the bid price before signing the bill of sale.  All sales are final.

  • All Bidders are required to register and must be 18 years of age to do so. In order to register, all bidders must show a valid drivers license or state issued picture ID and pay a $250 deposit to the Waukegan Auto Auction Inc. (WAA). This $250 deposit will be returned if the bidder does not purchase a vehicle. 
  • If you are the successful bidder on a vehicle, your $250 deposit will be applied toward the total cost of the purchased vehicle. Your deposit will be forfeited if you fail to pay the balance of your total or if you do not proceed with the sale.
  • Additional Charges: There is an additional $100 buyers premium (fee) added to the price of your vehicle. This fee will be added to the total cost of each vehicle you purchase.
  • Illinois residents are required to pay State Sales Tax (8.50% for Chicago residents and 7% for Suburban residents). Some Out of State residents may also be required to pay sales tax, please view Illinois form ST-58 for details.  
  • Illinois residents must register their vehicle in the State of Illinois. In order to do so, license and title fees are in addition to all other fees. You can purchase title and new plates for $316.00, title only for $165.00, or title and transfer of your plates for $180.00. If you are transferring plates you will need your current state of Illinois license plate registration card. If you do not purchase or transfer plates, you must purchase the title for $165.00. There is a $50 Electronic Vehicle Deposit Fee for us to register your information electronically with the state. If you waive the $50 fee then the information will be mailed to the state and may take as long as 6 weeks or longer for you to receive title and plates. A $20.00 fee will be added to all plates that require to be mailed. A $275 documentation fee will be added to each vehicle sold at Waukegan Auto Auction as regulated by the state of Illinois. Waukegan Auto Auction Inc recommends that all customers purchasing a vehicle purchase plates from us the day you pay for your vehicle. You will not be able to buy plates anywhere else until the title has been mailed to you. Out of state buyers will be charged $50 for drive away permits.
  • If a title replacement is needed. A $250 replacement title service fee will assessed. Replacement title takes 2-4 months pending state the vehicle was last registered in and Waukegan Auto Auction takes no guaranty on replacement title turn over time.
  • Vehicles that meet any one of the following conditions are sold “AS-IS” and are NOT subject to arbitration for ANY reason, except Salvage, Rebuilt or Flood Titles.
  • Please let the clerk know of any address changes at the time of registration. There is a $50.00 penalty fee that will be charged if processed paper work has to be reprinted with corrected information. A $20.00 fee will be charged per person if WAA has to change or add a bidder number at the time of sale.
  • No vehicles may be removed from Waukegan Auto Auction until payment has been made in full. Payments must be made by cash or Visa or MasterCard credit card / a convenience fee of 3% apply to all credit card or debit card payments, and online purchases.
  • Vehicles purchased on Saturday must be paid in full on sale day and picked up by Tuesday 4:00 PM. Vehicles purchased on Wednesday must be paid in full on sale day and picked up by Friday 4:00PM. Any vehicle not paid on day of sale will incur a $50 late fee to hold deal. Any vehicles not paid for in full by this time will result in the forfeiture of your $250.00 deposit fee. If arrangements are made in advance to pick up a vehicle later than 4:00PM, a $50.00 late fee will still be charged.
  • Inspection of the vehicles for Saturday Auction is permitted at 10:00AM. Inspection of vehicles for Wednesday Auction is permitted at 4:00PM. Inspection is not permitted anytime during the auction.
  • All registered bidders will be held responsible for any vehicle damage caused by themselves or by their guests.
  • The use of photography or video at the Waukegan Auto Auction facilities is strictly prohibited.
  • Bid Rejection: WAA reserves the right to reject or void bids at any time for any reason. Should a dispute arise regarding a bid, WAA is the single deciding authority with sole and absolute discretion in resolving disputes. Buyers agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless WAA for any and all liability arising from decisions made in resolving disputes.
  • Manufacturer recalls will not be disclosed. It is the buyer's responsibility to investigate any potential manufacturer recalls.
  • Arbitration Rules can be found below.
I have completely read and understand all Waukegan Auto Auction's rules. I will abide by these rules as a participant in today's auction. I understand that I am responsible for any and all vehicles that were purchased under my bidding number.

Waukegan Auto Auction Arbitration Policy
Welcome to Waukegan Auto Auction Inc. Only lots sold with “Seller Guarantee” of “S/G” announced by the auctioneer will be considered by the arbitrator. Any vehicle that the check engine light is on is not eligible for guarantee nor arbitration. You will have twenty-four (24) hours after the vehicle has been delivered and with no more than 125 miles driven to be considered for arbitration. Sunday will not be considered as a day per Illinois State Statute.

General Arbitration Policies:
The policies of this auction are intended to promote fair and ethical treatment to both the buyer and seller: If the auction determines that the transaction is not fair and ethical to either party, the Seller and Buyer agree that the auction may cancel the sale, at its sole discretion. The Auction does not guarantee information listed in Electronic Data Vehicle Histories (i.e. Carfax, Auto Check, Etc) and will not arbitrate solely on EVDH data. The decision of the Arbitration Department is final and binding on both the buyer and seller: Arbitrations are limited to one per vehicle; therefore all concerns should be included in the initial arbitration claim. The Auction reserves the right to assess a $50.00 arbitration fee to the buyer if an arbitrated claim is deemed to be not valid. If the arbitration is valid, the auction reserves the right to assess a $50.00 arbitration fee to the Seller.

The buyer is responsible for listening to announcements related to the vehicle, made by the Auctioneer or Representative, prior to the start of the sale for each vehicle.

Seller’s Responsibilities: 
As to any vehicle consigned or sold at the auction, the Seller represents to the Buyer the following:
  • The condition, description, known defects, mileage and disclosure relating to the vehicle are accurate and fully disclosed. This includes announcing all vehicles with rebuilt, salvage or flood titles and/or vehicles that have a government title. All Livery vehicles must be announced at the time of consignment.
  • The vehicle is properly offered for sale at the auction and all announcements/vehicle descriptions provided to the buyer are accurate and complete.  It is the Seller’s obligation to correct any errors as to the announced conditions, or descriptions.
  • Sellers are not required to certify mileage on vehicles that are considered “exempt” (vehicles over ten (10) years old under federal law (Sec. 7105, Public Law 105-178 June 9, 1998) except in cases where the local or state laws supersede the federal requirements.  However, Sellers may represent miles on exempt units-any statements made by the Seller and all known odometer discrepancies are grounds for arbitration.

Buyers Responsibilities:
  • The buyer will inspect the vehicle prior to the sale.  The Buyer must verify the seller’s representations and notify the auction immediately of any discrepancies within the time frame as stated in this arbitration policy.  Buyer will examine the VIN, model, year, and verify odometer before leaving. 
  • The Buyer will follow Auctioneer’s cadence on price-any misunderstanding concerning price must be addressed prior to signing the Bill of Sale. 
  • The Buyer understands that Sellers are not required to certify mileage on vehicles considered “exempt” (vehicles over ten (10) years old under federal law (Sec. 7105, Public Law 105-178 June 9, 1998) except in cases where the local or state laws supersede the federal requirements. 
  • The Buyer will inform the auction immediately of any discrepancies as to the Seller’s Representations, warranties and descriptions.  Please be aware that items written on a vehicle by the Seller are representation and subject to arbitration.  Arbitration will be limited to the specific defects described by the Buyer upon placing the vehicle in arbitration. 
  • The Buyer will pay the bid price plus a Buyer’s Fee as posted and any and all other applicable fees. 
  • The buyer agrees that vehicles returned to auction must be returned in the same or better condition than when purchased.  Buyers may be charged for excessive mileage and/or damages, which will be determined by the auction.

“AS-IS” Vehicles:

Vehicles that meet any one of the following conditions are sold “AS-IS” and are NOT subject to arbitration for ANY reason, except Salvage, Rebuilt or Flood Titles.
  • Any vehicle sold for $1500 or less.
  • Recreational vehicles, boats, buses, motorcycles, dune buggies, trailers, snowmobiles, jet skis, antiques and kit cars, these vehicles are also exempt from arbitration for frame/unibody damage, mileage, hours and year model discrepancies.
  • Vehicles pushed or towed thru auction.
Auction Policy Addendums:
  • All inoperable vehicles sold; by being towed/pushed through the auction lane, or auctioned outside while parked on spot, are considered to be final “ AS-IS/Where is” auction sale and are not subject to arbitration for any reason.
  • The decision of the auction management shall be final in all disputes.

Seller Guarantee:
This represents that the Seller is stating the engine motor, transmission and differential are in good working order and you have twenty four (24) hours and with a maximum of 125 miles driven to let us know of any problems.  If you are disputing a Seller Guarantee, you must have an inspection done at Waukegan Auto Auction Inc.  If you, the Buyer are incorrect about the problem you will be responsible for the inspection fee of $50.00 to Waukegan Auto Auction.  If you, the Buyer, are correct about the problem then the inspection fee shall be waived.  The repair to the vehicle must be $500.00 or more for us to consider returning the vehicle.  If we find reason to return the vehicle, you will be given a buyers credit memo for the entire amount paid, no refunds will be given for ANY reason. 

This represents that you are purchasing this vehicle with all faults.