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3 Essential Tactics to Use at a Public Auto Auction in Waukegan, IL


Every public auto auction in Waukegan, IL is announced in advance and is open to all consumers. You should watch out for information on upcoming events so that you can prepare properly. Auctions give people the unique opportunity to buy vehicles at wholesale prices and save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, they aren’t a walk in the park so you will benefit from adopting a well-rounded strategy. Here are three fundamental tactics to incorporate in it.

used car at public auction in Waukegan

Doing the Math Is Key


Most people wrongfully assume that the ultimate goal at a public auto auction in Waukegan, IL is to outsmart the other buyers. This isn’t the case. Your aim should be to get a vehicle for less than its market price and for an amount of money which you can afford to pay, of course. That is why the best way to prepare for such an important event in the Waukegan area is to arm yourself with vital information on manufacturer’s suggested retail price and on the prices of used vehicles.


Speaking of doing calculations, you should have a budget to work with before hitting a public auto auction in Waukegan, IL. Ensure that you have the necessary financing to pay for your purchase. Work closely with your Waukegan, IL dealer so that you can get all the money that you need and be confident about the loan’s repayment.


Early Birds Have the Best Odds of Winning


The earlier you go to a public auto auction in Waukegan, IL, the better. This will give you two major strategic advantages. The first one is that you will have enough time to run a check on the vehicles which you are interested in. Pay attention to all things which are important when buying a used car such as even tire waring, smooth exterior surfaces and low exhaust gas production. One of the key things here is to check the vehicle from all four sides. In general, you should try to make your inspection as close and detailed as possible.


The second major advantage of being an early bird is that you can get very close to the auctioneer and this will give you a better perspective on the bidding. The truth is that these professionals speak very fast so it may be challenging to keep track of what’s going on if you are somewhere in the back. This becomes even harder when there is more than one session of the public auto auction in Waukegan, IL held going on in the same room at the same time. It may go without saying, but being among the “leaders of the pack” gives you better chances of getting what you want.


Focus and A Strong Mind Will Take You There


Make sure that you have your notes regarding prices right in front of you when the auction begins. If you think that you may forget the budget which you can work with out of anxiety, excitement or both, write it down and keep it at hand too. In general, keeping cool is crucial at any public auto auction in Waukegan, IL as the tension and the commotion keep getting bigger at fast rate. You must be focused on three things - the current bid, the prices which you are comparing it with and your budget. Forget about emotions and look solely at the numbers.


Perhaps the most important thing of all is to avoid engaging in a bidding war, even if you are totally mesmerized by the car. Remember that your ultimate goal is to save money. If you are pushed over your budget, you should come to your senses and do the right thing.


The only thing which you have left is to make the most out of the next public auto auction in Waukegan, IL.

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